3 Websites Where To Get Free Mockups in 2021

When I started as a graphic designer, I didn't know how to present the designs I had created for the client. Were bare images of my beautiful logos attached in an email enough? The answer is no. But through lots of Googling and hours of YouTube videos watched, I have learned how to present the concepts and get feedback that is actually useful. So please learn from my mistakes and create beautiful presentations that properly sell the designs you have created.

Mockup from smartmockups.com with images from a personal project.

I have found that the key to presenting the full potential of created logos to a client is by showing the logo in different forms and uses, this way allowing the mockups to tell the story rather than me just saying how it would look good on a t-shirt. The visuals do the talking for me. So, here is a list of websites You can use to get great quality mockups for your next design project.

1 Smart Mockups (web mockup generator)

screenshot of smartmockups.com

An amazing site that has a variety of mockups for free. One of the best things is that it is all done online. Simply upload images and voila.

More about the website:

  • Free 200 mockups
  • Customise background / colour
  • Premium $14 a month
  • Choose between 3 download file sizes (highest res 5000 x 3500)

link here: smartmockups.com

2 Freepik (Photoshop files)

screenshot of freepik.com

This site has absolutely everything, from mockups to illustrations and icons. A variety of them can be downloaded for free. However, you have to make sure to give credit to the website when using it.

More details:

  • Limit of 2 downloads a day
  • Amazing variety of different mockups
  • Attribution needed when using the files
  • Premium €9.99 a month

link here: freepik.com

3 Rawpixel (Photoshop files)

screenshot for rawpixel.com

What I like about Rawpixel is that the mockups have a beautiful aesthetic. Further, they are very generous with 10 files that You can download for free a day.

More details:

  • Casual membership (personal use $3, or business use $19)
  • 10 free downloads a day
  • Creative Boards to find similar files

link here: rawpixel.com

This was my first post on Medium, I hope you found it useful!



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